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Before the snow flies

Benedicta Snow Gang groomers can't wait to start dragging a white highway through the northern Maine wilderness. Trail work starts long before the first snowflake falls.

Two men walking with equipment to clear trails
Trail work starts before the first snowfall

Keeping your Maine snowmobile trails clear for winter riding starts in May

Since May, we've only taken one weekend off from working on the trails. Our dedicated volunteers put in the work so you can enjoy a smooth ride, free from obstructions. If you want to pitch in, we welcome the help! You'll find our trail work days posted on our event calendar.

Thanks to Pat, Chris, Mark, John and newcomer Joanne for all the help with the brush, sawing, cutting downed trees on trails and making signs. Also, a big thank you to Jamie McNally for letting us use his truck and trailer to move a tractor for some future bush hogging.

Find your way, thanks to all the signs we post on the trails

We wouldn't want anyone getting lost in the woods, so we put up a lot of signs along the trails for your safety. Our trails are always well-marked. We spent a day prepping our trail signs by sanding and painting stakes for the signs. We also ensured our chainsaws and brush saws were good to go for future trail work in the coming weeks. Thanks to Chris, Naomi, Pat, Mark, Kim, Dave and Rina. Rina brought fresh blueberry muffins and cookies, and Kim cooked hot dogs for our lunch. It was a great team effort!

working on trail signs
Prepping signs for the Benedicta Snow Gang snowmobile trails

Our grooming equipment got a lot of love this summer

Many hours were spent this summer working on our trail grooming equipment. Thanks goes out to the great crew we had helping Matt from SEI in doing our brake job on the 110. We have a good core people that always answer the call. Pat ,who never misses a weekend on doing something for the club. Mark, who is newly retired, has more free time and steps up in many ways. Chris, who showed up so I could attend to personal matters. Dave, who did some welding for us so we could put it all back together.

Like most people that work for clubs we don’t look for pats on the back, we just love the sport and want sledders to have the best trails to ride.

four men working on a tractor
Four volunteers working on our grooming equipment

Watch for our trail reports right here on our website!

You'll find the Benedicta Snow Gang trail condition reports on our website with plenty of photos and videos to entertain you. See you on the trails!


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